52 - week 23 - gathering

For the first year of Caden's life I was constantly snapping photos of him, his every move and milestone.  I even had a monthly photo series to track his growth.  Then as he blossomed into a full fledged toddler and my business started growing I found that the number of pictures of him have begun to dwindle.  As soon as I heard this week's project 52 assignment was "gathering" I immediately thought to myself - "I need to gather some current images of the little man."  So I did.  I pulled out the camera and got down to his level to photograph him in this moment, at 17 months.  Capturing his little pieces and parts that I spend so much time doting on and snuggling up to.  They won't be "little" for much longer and it's these every day moments with him that will one day only be a memory.  I have to keep reminding myself he is what this is all about - he is the reason for working as hard as I do - and I need to make time often to document my little blessing.

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