because of the apple store my husband won't be getting an ipad 2 for father's day

that's pretty much it.  just have to rant about it. 

went into the apple store today with the intention of buying him the new 32 gig wifi + 3g ipad 2 for father's day.  knowing very well that we can't technically afford it.  but also knowing that my husband is a freaking ROCK STAR who works his a$# off around the clock for this family.  so i sucked it up and walked into the southlake town square apple store to buy him one.  it's a tuesday afternoon - after lunch - not too many people in the store or in any store for that matter.   i walk up to a blue shirted man who's literally standing around on his ipad with nothing to do.  i said "hello sir - i'd like to purchase the ipad 2 - i just need you to grab one for me real quick."  he then takes me to the ipad section and says - "you have to stand here and someone will come get you one as soon as it's your turn" and he presses a button on the display table.  ooookkkkk - i'm thinking - i literally just needed you to grab a box - you couldn't have just done that instead of taking me here?"   but i know how they work in here - i have a macbook - i've stood prisoner at the "genius" bar - i've made purchases here in the past - i get it.  fine.  i'll play your little game man - i'll wait.  so i wait. and wait, and wait, and WAIT.  the whole time thinking - SERIOUSLY just grab me a damn box - i know they are sitting in a pretty pile somewhere - it takes TWO seconds to grab it so i can take it to the register and get OUT of here.  all the while caden is becoming more and more frustrated with this time constraint.  and no - i can't entertain him with an ipad b/c they are very tightly attached to the display table with a teeny tiny cord so no one steals them.  and the table is too tall for him to reach yet too short for me to hold him up over.  

i keep staring at that little timer saying "you are next in line."  am i?  am i.  i'm looking around and still don't understand why one of the 20 or so people here can't literally grab me a box.  about 10 minutes goes by - and i decide it's totally not worth it.   i wanted to walk up to someone and tell them that i'm over them and over that place - but i couldn't find a single person who's gaze wasn't staring down at a machine so i just grabbed my little man and strutted out.  i've never been a huge fan of apple but dammit if they don't have all the pretty toys that sparkle and shine.  TOO BAD.  no shiny toys for us today.  thank you apple store for saving our family lots and lots of money this father's day.  maybe nick will get a shiny new tie (don't worry babe - you'll get something better).

look at this cute face! doesn't he deserve the very best?  that's all for now.  marchetti OUT.