52 - week 32 - flight

i was beyond fascinated by these birds in paris outside notre dame church.  i literally walked up the lawn of the historic chapel took one look at it and was immediately distracted to my right by a bush FULL of birds.  birds. everywhere.  floating and fluttering around like they were on crack.  full speeds all around in every direction.  i loved it.  if you had food of any kind and just held it up in the air they would perch themselves up and down your arm for an afternoon snack.  i wanted to feed them SOOOOO BADDLLLY.  but we didn't have any food and no one seemed interested in giving food to the photographer lady grinning from ear to ear like a 5 year old.  and it didn't help that i'm hollering at the top of my lungs "nick! nick! omg birds! i want to feeeeeed themmmmm!!!!" and he's literally inching away from me as fast as his legs would carry him so embarrassed to be next to me.  so instead i was the stalker lady taking a thousand pictures of a boy feeding the birds.

um yeah - so this week's project 52 theme is flight - hence my birds :)

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