love locks in paris

One of my favorite things we did while in paris was visit the love locks bridge on the seine river.  One of my girlfriends jen bruss (from my blog circle group) told me about it when she visited and i knew we HAD to go and add to the historic collection.

The most romantic bridge in Paris, Le Pont des Arts also known as the Passerelle des Arts is the target of love lockers. Built as a toll bridge in 1803, it was the city’s first iron bridge and lying close to the heart of France’s prestigious Academy of Arts and Letters, is celebrated by poets and artists for its delicate ironwork and beautiful Seine views. Today however more than 1,600 different sized and shaped “love locks” cling to its railings the oldest apparently dated 2008. Lovers from all over the world, aware of the bridge’s romancing traditions, have padlocked engraved metal souvenirs of their mutual enchantment, on the Pont des Arts railings before hurling the key into the Seine.

And we joined them with our own lock of love!!!!  It was actually kind of funny - for some reason over time and many many moves I always managed to bring with us this random master lock.  I don't know why I thought we just might need a padlock one day?  But I felt it was necessary to keep it.  Then like many things that fall into a black hole - the key disappeared as to never be seen again.  As soon as I read about the love locks I knew our random lock FOR SURE had to be set free in Paris on this amazing bridge.

So we ventured - towards Notre Dame to see the site and add to the history!  It was amazing - just as I had expected it to be.  Some of these locks were just gorgeous - some customized with names, anniversary dates, ribbons and bows.  Ours was pretty gangster compared to the others but I'm pretty sure it's durable enough to withstand a hurricane.  It was a perfectly romantic experience in one of the worlds most dreamy and romantic cities.