Bluebonnet Pics 2015 [Southlake Fine Art Photographer]

Forewarning you - this is a picture heavy post! I tried scaling back, but these two faces among the gorgeous Texas Bluebonnets were just too freaking cute.  :)  We went a little early this year so the bluebonnets weren't at their full potential but we have a jammed kid schedule so this had to do. I still managed to get my perfect shot of the two of them, this will be framed! Enjoy!

Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0001Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0002Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0003Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0004Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0005Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0006Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0008Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0009Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0010Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0011Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0012Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0013

And this is a cute little before and after.  The one on the left is when we first started and they were trying to decide if they were going to cooperate or not.  The one on the right is post victory fruit snacks. Well deserved. :)

Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0007