Going Back in Time - Alivia turns 2 [Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer]

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.  Well mostly just with Facebook.  But every so often they redeem themselves.  This new back in time "memory" feature similar to time hop has been kind of cool.  Today it took me back to this date each year dating back to 6 years on Facebook.  Which made me feel old, then nostalgic, then spiraled a 30 minute time suck of going back through old posts & pics on my phone.  Getting to the point..... It reminded me of how fast time goes, and how I swear Alivia just turned 2, like a week ago.  But it wasn't, it's been SEVEN months since then.  Which reminded me how I never shared any pictures from that weekend (mostly because I think I was in denial that it even happened).  So long story short, enjoy a glimpse into the weekend Alivia turned 2.  And maybe you'll get to see a glimpse into her 3rd birthday roughly around the time she turns 5.

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