giving back - finding forever homes

anyone who knows me knows that i'm obsessed with dogs.  for REALZ.  i always say if i had the money i'd buy a farm and spend my days rescuing dogs, fostering them and finding them permanent homes.  but alas that is not my life, which i'm totally fine with, so i turned to my version of helping find them homes.  volunteering my photography skills!  a friend of mine introduced me to paws in the city - an organization here in dallas devoted to finding cats and dogs homes.

here is a little more information on the organization:

"We are committed to ending the overpopulation, abuse, neglect of Dallas area dogs and cats.  Our goal is that every adoptable dog and cat get a loving home. We are a 501C3 all volunteer, no-kill organization."

Everyday we witness first hand the tragic consequences of pet overpopulation.
Locally:  In 2008-2009, the City of Dallas shelter alone took in 33,617 dogs and cats and:
  • euthanized 26,542 dogs and cats (20,022 dogs and 6,520 cats)
  • adopted out 2,517 dogs and cats
  • redeemed back to owners 2,425 dogs and cats
  • rescue organizations saved 1,420 dogs and cats
Estimates are that 200,000 are euthanized each year across the Metroplex.
i'm a huge advocate for rescuing dogs instead of getting them from pet stores (which usually get their animals from puppy mills).  our first pup came from a shop in chicago who SWORE they got them from local breeders and not puppy mills.  gucci came with chronic kennel cough and a few other random ailments, and about 3 months after we got her they got shut down for supporting puppy mills.  UGH.  we learned our lesson the hard way and rescued our 2nd, gidget (who we found via petfinder online)!  we love gucci and don't regret getting her but i will say we are since full supporters of rescues and advocate it to everyone!
if you are thinking about getting a dog or know of someone who is, i recommend perusing the list of hundreds of options via this organization or many others! i know of a shelter here in dallas who rescues pugs and pug breeds so i'm sure there's someone who fits your style who needs rescued!
here are two such examples, lucy and ranger, who are both with Paws in the City now and need forever homes!