Voteapalooza - 2012 edition

I can and can't believe it's been an entire year since I did my Voteapalooza giveaway.  I had so many amazing clients and photography opportunities in 2012 I feel so blessed going back through and reflecting on it all.  Because I love giving mad props and shout outs AND I love me a good giveaway -- back for it's 2nd year debut is Voteapalooza!!!!


For those of you who didn't participate last year or simply need a refresher on the excitement that is Voteapalooza here is an overview.

What - A round-up of fan favorites from 2012 (clients, randoms, snapshots, you name it)

When - 3 days total - starting TODAY and ending at 10pm Central time on Wednesday, January 4th

Who - Anyone and everyone!  You play, your friends play, your mom plays (about time she did more than comment #idontgetit on all your posts)

Why - Ummmm because it's FUN annnnnnndddd the prize this year is an IPOD NANO.

Where - My blog obvi - click the link, cast your vote, retweet, facebook, blog, smoke signal that nonsense and let the fun continue!


In plain English - scroll down and look through these pictures.  Vote on YOUR favorite. Tell someone about it somehow.  Either way leave a comment here telling me you voted and/or spread the word.  Sit back and wait to find out if YOU'VE WON an Ipod Nano!!!!


One drawing winner receives an Ipod Nano.  AND if YOUR image wins the fan favorite YOU get an 8x10 matted print of that shot.  VERY EXCITING - SO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

Now go forth and vote!

In no particular order.....

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