it's resolution time.....

i'm actually quite proud of myself.  to prepare for this year's list of aspirations i visited last year's post to track my success.  i'm very happy to report that i accomplished 5 out of 7 - and that my friend is what i call fan-FREAKING-tastic.

so onward and upward! here are my goals/aspirations for 2012 - in no particular order

1 - plan at least one "outing" a month for caden and i.  doesn't have to be grand or over the top. just a little moment away for the little man and i to bond over.

2 - sell our house

3 - find new house

4 - upon moving into new house start with a CLEAN & super organized home.  i'm talking all decorations together, all tools together, no hodge podges of some items in this drawer and that drawer (i literally know where each random supply is in this house).  color coding, labeling, and i'm going to say it..... a spreadsheet/log of where things are in the house that i can pull up on my computer at any time to find the whereabouts of the item

5 - make a baby

6 - IF #4 happens gain 20 lbs or less (no more of that 60 lb nonsense)

7 - USE the remote timer i got for my birthday.  i WILL be in more pictures this year as to prove to my child i was a part of his childhood.

8 - take one family vacation. to a place that our relatives DO NOT reside. a real family vaca with temper tantrums and everything.

9 - if possible before or after making a baby run another warrior dash (or equaling race, jail break, etc.).  i thoroughly enjoyed myself on the warrior dash this past spring, including training for it.  any chance to run through the neighbors sprinklers again as i jog seems like fun to me.

10 - continue with my project 52 that i did last year - with a new twist - this year will be 52 pictures of family only.  i did love some of the amazing artistic images i came away with - but the ones i cherish most are of caden, nick and i. so i'm going to make each assignment work as a pictures of us.  that way at the end of the year we have a full album that i can create.

11 - after thinking about #9 it occured to me that i must make an album of my 2011 project 52.  or a year in review album of the family..... one or the other or both