Growing like a weed

Lookout people!  Jessica Marchetti photography is now coming at-cha from all angles. *I've opened up my new Etsy page where you can purchase my still life artwork via prints, canvases, note cards, in any size or shape.

*I've joined the Twitter revolution!  Start following me on twitter for updates, special promotions, discounts and contests and giveaways.

*Taking my Heirloom Collection on the "road."  Just because you don't live in Dallas doesn't mean you can't take advantage of my gorgeous heirloom photography.  I've started my "ship it and click it" campaign.  If you have any pieces you want brought to life via my art and you have access to any local shipping store you, you're in luck.  :)  Stay tuned for more information, but start clearing a spot on your wall and digging through your family artifacts now.