The Heirloom Collection Story

I figured it was about time that I told you the story of how I came to create my Heirloom Collection package.

I've always been obsessed with jewelry, especially vintage pieces, incidentally so was my grandmother.  She too was a collector of fun vintage costume jewelry as well as beautiful gemstones.  About 4 years ago, she decided she was ready to part ways with her stunning collection and passed it down to me.  I was ECSTATIC.  I lined my felt jewelry armoire with the exquisite pieces and marveled at all that shine.  Then, they sat. Waiting to be worn, but how often do you get to dress up and rock those all star pieces?  Not often.  That's when I took out the camera and started clicking.  I knew if I couldn't wear them each day, I'd at least be able to see them adorning the walls of my home.

This original piece, "The Pearl Necklace" became my favorite.  I created a canvas the size of my living room wall and up it went.  Now every time I look at it I'm reminded of the heirlooms that sit in my drawer and what they represent.  It makes me feel romantic and victorian, like one day my great great granddaughter might get to marvel at the art I've created.


The next step in my journey is to send each photograph to my grandmother in hopes that she can jot down a simple thought, memory, or story to go along with each item - which I will then turn into an album.  An instant legacy is born.

What precious artifacts can I photograph for you?

All of these images can be purchased at my Etsy Shop here.